The change in relationships: Virilio part 3

The third part of Open Sky had a very interesting section regarding sexuality and the new turn attractiveness has taken because of the new media.



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Breaking geographical boundaries: Virilio part 2

The second part of Virilio’s book began to discuss the impacts that technology can have in developing countries and around the world. Technology has created a more global community by connecting people and friends from thousands of miles away.

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Technology and relationships: Virilio intro/part one

Virilio touches the effect new media can have on relationships and what quality time is. He claims that the “…real time environment thanks to interactive technologies…gives new life today to the critical dimension” (10). New technology gives users the ability to be “present” with someone, even if just on a screen. Virilio argues that these new technologies are destroying the importance of being physically present with someone. He believes that we are beginning to become numb to the importance of where we physically are.



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