Well, it’s official! After a lot of trying various themes, backgrounds and circle sizes, I have finished creating my first website. It is now fully functional and I cannot wait to continue to add to it. So many tedious little steps, but the skills were well worth it in the end.




Personal Mission

I am most interested in the social and mass media aspects of communication and hope to find a career somewhere in those fields. I think this class will help me learn about how to be successful in the digital world we live in as well as give me an opportunity to be creative in a brand new way. By the end of the class I hope to have learned a useful range of new skills as well as be comfortable with innovation.

I had the opportunity to to study abroad this past semester and learned a lot about new media and how to be successful. While I was there, I had my own blog and tried to document as much of my trip as I could. This made me realize how much of a job blogging and new media has actually become. It was during this trip that I realized it would be something I’m interested in and potentially good at.

For my topic I have chosen to look into different messages and media surrounding body image. Positive body image, especially for women, is something that I am very passionate about and want to develop a voice for. I think there are a lot of very strong female role models in our society, but our culture engrains us with these negative thoughts that cause girls and young women to feel they must fit a mold.