The change in relationships: Virilio part 3

The third part of Open Sky had a very interesting section regarding sexuality and the new turn attractiveness has taken because of the new media.



Virilio begins his argument by addressing that viewers often lose interest in what they are viewing, specifically physically attractive females. “After the seduction of simulation comes the disappointment of substitution”, after which he discusses the the woman who can be perceived as an object begins to solely be viewed as an object to begin with (103). Because of the internet and the variety of outlets where women can be viewed, they are no longer seen as people. Instead, they are merely viewed as objects for others’ pleasure.

Cyberfeminists are working to change this perspective on women. These activists hope to “emphasize the importance of the multimedia in perception of the body” (115). The hope to use the new media to give a new outlook on how women’s bodies are viewed. They no longer wish for websites to only show provocative imagery of women. Cyberfeminists want to use websites to cultivate healthy body image as well as well-informed women who can create a voice for themselves in the modern world.


Virilio also mentions a diminishing value of physical intimacy because of these websites. Viewers simply watch a woman do something and don’t have to have any form of physical relationship with an actual human being. After getting used to this, viewers will not have the same appreciation for physical relationships. Not only are physical relationships losing meaning, but spiritual and emotional relationships are becoming less and less committed. It doesn’t take much effort to be in a relationship with a computer screen. The importance of traditional dating relationships is losing value.



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