Breaking geographical boundaries: Virilio part 2

The second part of Virilio’s book began to discuss the impacts that technology can have in developing countries and around the world. Technology has created a more global community by connecting people and friends from thousands of miles away.

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Virilio calls this global community an “…unprecedented temporal breakdown” (71). He refers to the possibility of a “social crash” in the future. He believes this crash will lead to “structural unemployment and…reversion of the family to the state” (71).

Is the global community with technology really bad or is it helping the community as a whole? According to various sources, these connections can help the developing countries in many ways.

In a Huffington Post article, the author mentions the efforts of Nathan Myhrvold who created a program to prevent the spread of malaria in Africa. Leaders in the countries and villages have said that education has become easier by 5% since cell phones were introduced into the community. While this number seems slim, this is a prevention effort in which every opportunity to improve someone’s health and well-being is a big help. The American aid workers can send messages to leaders to give information about specific illnesses, or simply to arrange meetings and aid groups.


Technology has also given families the opportunity to stay connected and close throughout the work days. In many developing countries, the main earner has to go away from the family, sometimes quite a distance, to provide for his or her family. With cell phones, the family can make sure they are fully aware of where their members are. Mobile providers in the countries have set up new programs to help easily pay for these kinds of family plans.

All of these examples are ways the global community has benefitted from technology. I believe the new advances have helped the world as a whole. Granted, there are some examples of how technology has not proven useful, or sometimes is harmful, but on the whole I think the world could continue to benefit from the advances in technology we are experiencing. The biggest challenge to this expansion is to be wary of expanding too quickly or else these countries will feel overwhelmed.



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