Images: how we see it


Our society and our own individual personality play large roles in how we interact with the images of our world. These images have varying meanings for each person, depending on their economic background, education, place of living.
Culture also plays a major role in the interpretation of images and their meanings.

Our advertising agencies make us believe that every image is associated with the company as a whole. When we see a statement made by a certain company, we assume that every person in that company believes the same thing. Companies become very large, faceless masses that simply convey what society would deem as a useful and important. People also take in images based on how they are displayed and who is around them when they view these images.


Images are mainly taken in one of three ways:

  1. As a passive receiver, believing everything the media says
  2. Negotiating messages as they are presented
  3. Opposing every view presented

Advertising also tells the people of a culture what they should value and what isn’t as value. Each ad if specifically focused towards a certain group of individuals, but advertisers also make a conscious effort to draw in a variety of audiences. Ads focus on the “you” when planning an ad and want to be able to connect with people who will buy their product.
Images are extremely important in our society and often carry weight in their meanings. The interpretation of a message may end up being extremely different than the intended message. Reception of the image always depends on the person viewing and who they are as a person.


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