Importance of images

Images are extremely important in our society. Advertising and movies are some of the top revenue areas and everyone in the country seems to buy into to a lot of these various cultural meanings. The reading provided interesting insight into what images mean for our culture. The generally represent what our culture means.
They convey meaning of certain images, but also can create their own meaning. Apple is the perfect example of this. Their logo is literally an apply with a little bit taken out of it. Now we associate that everyday image with a powerful company from which most of us get our various forms of technology.



Images can also create new images for the people they portray. The reading mentioned OJ Simpson and the difference a mugshot can make. There are people now who only associate his name and image with his murder trial and pay little attention to his football career.

Images are used to contribute to the social meaning of certain people, aspects and overall states of mind. Images are flooded to the public with celebrities who embody what beauty, style, grace, etc. are and we, as a society, are supposed to adhere to this. Because photographs are seen as expressing the truth, we believe everything that we see in the media.


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