Advertising: where the money is

Companies have began using blogs more and more to connect with potential customers and to receive feedback on products. Through these blogs, companies have found a way to “speak directly to the consumers, rather than having to always go through the media”.

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Rettberg mentioned that the market is comprised of human beings. Corporations have a negative image because they are seen as faceless entities that merely sell us products. With blogs, many of these large corporations are trying to put human faces and voices with their products. They are learning more and more how to become connected with people through technology and social media.

According to the reading, most of the popular blogs online have commercial advertising. Because there are ads, these creators and writers get some profit out of their blog, making it more of a profession. These ads are sometimes seen as taking away from the credibility and reliability of the blog itself. I liked the example that was given, She insisted that she would rather shut down her site than allow advertisers to completely take over what she has built and created.

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I think this was the best part of the reading. Readers now are used to ads but they’re still really annoying. They tend to get in the way of the content and distract the reader from what he or she is actually interested in looking at.

These bloggers often will comment on their own ads and make it known that they didn’t necessarily have a choice in putting the ads on their site. Many use humor to lighten the fact that they are now required to have ads on their site. Advertisers also look for specific blogs that would reach their target audience. Instead of simply selling ads to the largest and most popular blogs, these companies are giving ads to the blogs that would attract their specific type of clientele.


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