Learning how to write

I loved this reading, I think especially because it is something that I learned a lot about while studying abroad. The difference between analogue and digital media is so dramatic and I don’t think very many people actually realize how much of a difference there is.

Digital media requires scannability and efficiency. Of course, everyone wants to get online, find what they need and leave. Maybe there’s a correlation between how much time we all spend on the internet, but I never really came to realize that until I was consciously told that this is how I read articles online.

New forms of successful writing

Carroll also mentioned the success and accessibility of lists. This is so correct, especially with the latest media. Buzzfeed is one of the most popular and shared websites and it’s because the content is short and the pictures are entertaining. There aren’t huge paragraphs full of complicated information and it is accessible for anyone. People look to get lost in a good book or newspaper, but only want to be instantly gratified when surfing the web. There are so many different options for entertainment and absolutely anyone can enjoy the funny content.

Disney fanatics, single girls and people who just want funny pictures relating to their lives can’t help but spend hours finding entertainment.


I think consistency is definitely something the new media takes for granted. I don’t think it is something that is really thought about by young people while writing, but definitely something we notice when reading. Readers don’t like a bunch of different formats and confusing organization. But when setting up my blog I found it really difficult to be really happy with a specific theme and want to keep the same theme for more than even a day. And when posts need to be done, a lot of the fonts and alignments will be the same but it’s never been anything I felt I needed to be really concerned with.

I thought this reading was very very interesting and have already taken some of the themes and concepts into account when setting up this blog.


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