Well, it’s official! After a lot of trying various themes, backgrounds and circle sizes, I have finished creating my first website. It is now fully functional and I cannot wait to continue to add to it. So many tedious little steps, but the skills were well worth it in the end.




Redish: Writing Well for the Web

Successful website focus on their audience. Redish gives the readers goals to strive for when designing a website. Through out the entire reading, she focuses on ways to make a website effective and one where users want to continue coming back.

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Garrett: User Experience

Garrett brings up a point that I sometimes forget during this class. He brings up that many designers will focus on all the work that goes into the web space but will forget about the actual usability of the site.

There are a ton of little details that go into making a successful website and Garrett addresses many of them. While working on the blog, I often neglect to think about what the experience would be for the user. I think most of the time about what I need to do. Since I understand the inner workings of the blog, I feel that I do a lot of work to go into the blog itself and forget to think about how it would be for a user. This reading was a good reminder that web design also includes making sure it is appealing to the user. Not only does this include the buttons being functional but also aesthetically pleasing and easy to maneuver.